Our Existence

We, as Odisha Social and Cultural Association, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad , came into existence in the year 2009 after duly registering ourself under Society Act. However, it is pertinent to note that we were informally in existence a decade ago prior to that. Our organization is a creation of a group of individuals hails from Odisha and settled at Vasundhara and nearby other housing colony namely Indira Puram, Vaishali in NCR. Though we individually are from different parts of Odisha, but by coming together in this distant part away from Odisha with definite social objectives, we feel like home and look our association as a mini Odisha away from Odisha. The individual members of this organization of mini Odisha have put their best efforts and initiatives to make it best of its kind by contributing their valuable time and ideas for fulfillment of its objectives. One of the primary objective of our organization has been for the celebration of Durga Puja, which we are doing successfully since so many years and through which we have succeeded to prove our identity, and depicted our cultural values & customs of Odisha to people belonging to other part of our country as well to our next generation with an intention to carry on the rich culture and tradition. On account of this our association is being appreciated and has bagged a good reputation in the corporate world also because of its consistency in managing the events successfully in a professional manner.

Our Strength

Our esteemed members are the real strength of our organization. Initially, a group 10-15 family had started the celebration of Durga Puja in a close vicinity. Subsequently, the organization has increased its strength to around 80 members consisting of residents of Vasundhara, Indirapuram, Noida, Vaishali in NCR. Our association is open for fresh members for enhancement of its strength for the future. Our organization is grateful for the support it got from various sponsors, doners, and people other than from Odisha for the success of the events presented by it.

Aim and Objectives

Brotherhood, unity and to carry forward the cultural heritage of India is the common objective of our organisation. We continuously try to optimize the opportunity of coming together as a whole family during the festival days for achieving the goals of common interest. We firmly believe that it is the Divine Blessings that we achieve success in each year since the beginning on celebrating the puja festival with all its rituals and witness our presence though we are far away from our proud State.

Durga Puja beyond celebration :

Celebration of Durga puja is not only a celebration of festival, it is the celebration of togetherness, brotherhood, culture and heritage, happiness and overall a differently diversion from routine life. The celebration, the rituals, the showcase of cultural values and ethos which rejuveate our energy and peace of mind. The celebration brings everybody closer for five days without any stress and boost their energy level for their future life. For the celebration, our association put its efforts though out the years to plan the event, management of funds and time to make it a success. The magnitude of celebration have increased manifold with the passage of time with larger crowd and more activities for the children and adults as well.

Further, the organization is proud for managing the most popular and well theme based decorated Puja Pandal with lush green ground, not only in Vasundhara but in entire Ghaziabad and eastern part of Delhi. Apart from the puja, the celebration includes other co-curricular activities like drawing and color competitions, quiz competition for children, music competition, rangoli competition, musical chair etc. which give motivation and wide participations. Community feast during the puja celebration is also one of the main attraction for the patrons and members as well. Traditional Odia foods, cooked by professional cook from Odisha are served during puja celebration. Our organization also co participate with similar odia organizations in Delhi and NCR for a wider feeling of togetherness.

Cultural Activities

During Durga Puja, cultural activities are organized by the members of the organization. The family members and children from the surroundings participate in the cultural activities held during the four days of Durga Puja. In the cultural programme, different types of music, traditional dance and play are displayed, which is very popular among the crowd.

Support :

For this organization to be more strong, we always look forward for the continuous support of our members, patrons, sponsors, donors and visitors through branding and advertisement, for which please visit our website : www.oscav.org or contact

Shri I.B. Lenka 9818896416 , Shri S R Mahapatra 9911502377 , Shri B. Nayak 9871732500